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Something to Think About...

All i can say about this is wow.....My brother got this from a friend of his..

unplug the phone,
turn the ringer off
no receiving calls tonight
won't hear anything
no more begging,
pleading and endless
turn away,
mute it all.
live in blissful,
ignorance while
in the world
someone's dying.
and some girl's being pushed down,
hands held above her head and
wrists bound with wire, mouth gagged,
shoved into the ground and raped
by some deprived maniac who gets off
on the power trip of hurting someone else.
somewhere some child's starving,
while some woman's looking down
to see blood on her hands,
flowing from her dress, just another miscarriage,
one more stillborn baby for the graveyards,
just one among the millions.
on some street, some junkie
prepares for the next high,
pulling back the sleeves of his shirt,
and choosing a spot among the faded needlemarks,
maybe this'll be the time that he overdoses and dies.
somewhere some men in the shadows
are pushing drugs onto schoolchildren,
getting them hooked and dependent,
just to raise future generations of other drug addicts.
just doing their job and making some cash,
just to get by cause they have their own kids to feed,
and their own habits to kick.
somewhere some child right now is being molested,
some pedophile is pulling down his jeans
and some kid's life is being tragically altered
cause some mother or father never bothered
to explain the difference between right
and wrong and being violated,
while some other kid's parents are in denial
as halfway around the world some child
finally finds the nerve to unburden themself,
to confess their darkest demon that some years ago,
some relative touched them somewhere they shouldn't have,
and they're broken twice when after the fact,
their parents say they're lying, and take the molester's side,
because their parents never taught them how to deal
with a broken teenager too shaken to ever feel
like other children would, too scared and messed up to ever
even dream of love, must be a figment of the imagination,
too frightened to ever function normal, trust issues and
wondering if it was all their fault and finding failures in themselves.
somewhere some little girl has skinned her knees,
she's fallen and crying and some other child goes to help,
somewhere in the mix of trying to comfort and trying to bandage,
some drops of blood drip from the cut and mix with the other girl's blood,
some year from now she'll find she's hiv positive,
just for trying to help and reaching a hand out to someone in need.
and somewhere some man will be lying on the side of the street,
bleeding from the throat and in his last moments of life,
and cars will keep passing and no one will stop
and when his son finds out, he'll walk into his closet
and pull out a shotgun, walk into the bathroom
and step into the shower, pull the trigger and some
unfortunate neighbor will find his brains splattered all over the tiling.
in some room somewhere sits a guy and a girl,
neither of them ready for sex,
but pressured by circumstance.
somewhere some boy lies in a corner
in a highschool locker room hiding from others
because he remembers last time
when they called him .faggot. and beat him,
threatened his life and laughed all the while,
because their parents never taught them
just what it means to be a human,
and in their intolerance, they seek violence like they always do.
somewhere some girl's just missed her period,
gone to the doctor's and found that she's pregnant
and in a few moments a decision could be reached,
whether to go through with birth or to abort
just as if she were deciding what clothes to wear tomorrow.
somewhere some daughter gets slapped by her stepfather,
while somewhere a woman gets beat by her lover,
and everywhere people scramble to call 911
before it's too late and another life is gone...
some child just had his hand burned on a hot stove
for forgetting and leaving his toys out.
somewhere some newborn's been thrown in the garbage.
some mother just called her daughter fat
and told her that her thighs
were rubbing together as she walked,
that if she didn't watch her weight,
she'd never be attractive.
cocaine's being snorted all around the globe,
and some girls are hanging over the toilet
with their fingers down their throats,
while some other person skips another meal.
in some city, some prostitute is getting paid,
while another is getting some new disease
and her friend is being carved up like a piece of steak
because some john didn't have the cash to pay.
right now some thousands are praying to god
and getting no answers.
some million turn the other way
and pretend they don't see what happens
in their neighbor's house after dark.
in bars worldwide, some mysterious substance
is being discreetly placed into some woman's drink
and some man later stumbles out with his "drunk wife"
and places her down in the back of his vehicle,
and she'll wake up naked and violated,
or missing some organs,
or she might not wake up at all.
somewhere someone else is being buried,
while someone else's grave is being desecrated,
or dug up and jewelry stolen,
while some child's gravestone's littered with toys
and flowers and crosses,
while that child's murderer goes free on probation.
somewhere some redneck makes a racist joke
and all the white people around him laugh
just because they're too afraid to stand up and
say something, too afraid of what people'll think
to stand up for their own ideals and dreams,
and somewhere some man will use his race
to his advantage, he'll scream police brutality
or scream about not getting a job
just because he's a minority even if he's underqualified
while some other minority really is beaten
or judged because of their skin color and it all goes unpunished,
while some teen is on trial for statutory rape
and some innocent man is convicted by a jury
and in another court room, some rich, football star
goes free on a double homicide no matter how guilty
he really is, because money=power and power is everything.
somewhere leaders are lined up before firing squads
and led to their death for trying to lead a revolution,
while some teacher brings his Bible to school,
while some other preaches about evolution and charles darwin.
and somewhere a teacher leads a prayer in school,
while some atheist feels outcasted and some children
show up wearing Bible school outfits, while others
aren't even allowed marilyn manson t-shirts
just because adults are afraid of children thinking for themselves.
somewhere someone places a dollar in a jar,
sitting near a cash register for some worthy cause,
while someone else is stealing cash
from some blind man out in the streets.
in some school parking lot some stranger
is trying so hard to convince some kid
that he's friends with the kid's parents
and was told to pick him up because
his mother's been in a horrible car accident
and in some police office that same man's
convicted record of child pornography lies
beneath a layer of dust and after awhile,
the kid gives in and jumps into the passenger seat.
a landfill of unmended sorrows,
millions of tragedies too complicated
to share with you,
while millions just stay quiet,
because they're too afraid
of the consequences once
they admit that they've been
taken advantage of, beaten,
molested, permanently damaged.
and right at this moment...
someone's daughter and someone's son
and some person's best friend has become another victim.

xwe live in a beautiful worldx
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