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Obess Much?

I am so obsessive over things sometimes. It's really rediculous. Today at work we were given our assignments for next weeks secret santas. Well, I was given the most picky, rude, inconsiderate, unappreciative, stuck up bitch chick that I work with. Last year, my friend Kendall had her, and all she did was complain about how 'cheap' the gifts she got were. So, of course I freaked out thinking "Omg what am I going to get her that isn't 'cheap'?!?!"

So I wandered around the mall for 2 1/2 hours after work looking for stuff for secret santa and I spent 100 bucks!! I'm insane! I really need to stop obsessing over things. I mean it's not like it happens all the time, but when it does it...really sucks. So even now, I am thinking "are these cheap?" lol I really need to stop. I don't look forward to it at all...I can hear her now. If she makes one comment i'll knock her ass out.

Michael has a gift exchange at school too. He saw a tonka truck at toys r us he wants to get for his friend...I told him probably not. So Dad took him shopping and got him that truck..now he doesn't want to give it away. I think that was his motive all along lol. Smart lil boy. So, I told dad he needs to go tomorrow and get a gift for his little friend lol.

Gary isn't able to come down this weekend and since I only work half a day on Friday, Dad said he'd watch Michael for me this weekend so I can go up and spend it with him. I'm actually really considering moving there instead of him moving here. I actually really like it there, and think it would just be better for all of us...especially if I can get a good job doing what I want there. It will still take a lot of thought but i'm leaning towards it...Will be a big step.

I am so tired, and my blood sugar is so out of whack I feel like I'm dizzy all the time. If it keeps up..I guess I'll have to go the dr, cus this sucks. I need to invest in one of those things that check my blood sugar level.

Anyway, I'm gonna go. I need to call Gary and then go to bed. Have a good night guys!
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