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That went...

better than I expected. I spent 20 minutes outside the mediation room waiting for Rob to even show up...I was almost hoping he wouldn't but then nothing would have been solved. We went in and the hearing started, they went through all the mumbo jumbo of what we were there for and blah blah blah...they asked what we wanted to see happen, we told them. They gave us two offers...either 60% and 40% since Rob makes more than I do..or 50% and 50% and we can just do it evenly...we agreed on that.

Like I've said before I never really wanted support from him, but if he wasn't going to be in his life...he needed to do something. Well after court, we walked outside together and actually ended up sitting in my car talking for almost an hour about things. He wants michael the weekend after Christmas so he can see his family. I agreed to let him take him ONLY if he promises me no more games. He did, and he seemed pretty adamant about it.

He gave me a check today for 600 dollars and told me to consider that support he should have paid before. He also asked if he could see Michael today for a couple of hours, so he has him now. He said he is going to explain to Michael why he doesn't live here anymore and why he doesn't see him as often. He also said he would call more often now. We'll see. I really hope he is serious about being part of his life again.

We talked about my situation as well with Gary. He knows the whole story and seemed pretty ok with it. He said as long as I was happy he had no problems. He knows Michael loves him and I told him how much Gary loves and accepts Michael, so now that's over with I feel much better.

Hopefully it all stays that way. I was really worried about him throwing a fit over everything and then having to wait even longer but maybe he understands now how serious I am about things.

Anyway, I need to start on dinner, and get some other things accomplished. I'll post more later.
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